TRENDY hand-crafted Jewelry for Men and Women


Jewelry For Men & Women


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TRENDY Hand-Crafted Jewelry

In  my shop you will find : men jewelry , jewelry for women , mens  bracelets , gold necklace , anklets , sterling silver necklace , leather  bracelets , mens necklaces , necklace for girlfriend , body jewelry   turquoise jewelry , fashion jewelry , personalized jewelry  . 

Jewelry For Women & Men


Men and women modern & Affordable Jewelry

 My name is Rony, and I’m an Israeli jewelry designer.
I live in a small town near the Mediterranean and I love the sea....
I have always loved art and creating things with my hands. I studied  Fashion Design in High School and have kept on with it ever since.
For many years, my day job was as an Investment broker in a bank,but I always dreamed to engage in art.
A few years ago, once I had the option, I left the bank, and opened a  small independent jewelry design business, With the loving support of my  family.
I am, makes, photograph and advertises my jewelry by myself
And enjoying every minute (:
I feel blessed waking up every morning, doing what I love in my studio.
I believe in following your heart, living your dream, and sharing joy with others. 

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