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our story

Baronyka was created in 2012 by Rony Bank. An Israeli Jewelry designer.

Rony’s passion for art and creation started early on, she’s been studying Fashion Design since a very young age.

However, growing up, she became an investment broker, but soon realized that her true dream is to engage in art.
Right after that - Baronyka was created.

jewelry for dreamers

Since founding Baronyka, Rony has created numerous fashion jewelry collections that invite you to explore, express, and embrace your individuality in fresh and creative ways.

Jewelry that will be a reminder for your dreams, and ensure you never forget them.

“I want to create jewelry that inspires people.”
Rony will tell you, “My philosophy is to evoke love and joy in others, by helping them to celebrate their individuality, and people connect with that.”

a new treasure

Rony personally designs all of her collections. The jewelry she creates is both classical and whimsical, combining traditional forms with her innate sense of balance and precision.

Each piece is fashioned with care and exceptional craftsmanship to carry the Baronyka copyright, ensuring perfect style, incredible quality, and most importantly - a little piece of jewelry that symbolizes the enormous dreams of its owner.

When you purchase, or receive, a Baronyka design, you’re not just acquiring a piece of jewelry. You purchase a new treasure to love and cherish which will remind you of your dreams every day.
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